Peter Vadas MD, PhD


Allergist and Clinical Immunologist

Partial List of Media Appearances and Citations

2010 Jan      ALLERGIC LIVING Canadian Transportation Agency’s Nuts Ruling.

2010 Jul       ALLERGIC LIVING  Multiple Food Allergies on the Rise.

2008 Jan      IRISH INDEPENDENT Breastfeeding a surefire way to avoid allergies.

2008 Jan      SOUTHCOAST TODAY Pediatricians revise advice on preventing allergies in kids.

2008 Jan      RADIO-CANADA Réactions allergiques: Un enzyme montré du doigt.

2008 Nov     THE STAR The deadly truth about allergies.

2008 Jan      CTV NEWS.  Enzyme reduces severity of allergic reactions.

2008 Jan      ALLERGIC LIVING.  Anaphylaxis enzyme identified.

2008 Nov     HEALTHZONE.CA.  The deadly truth about allergies.

2005 Sep      GLOBE AND MAIL.  Sesame allergies growing rapidly.

2008 Jan      GLOBE AND MAIL.  Allergy enzyme could save your life.

2008 Jan      THE HAMILTON SPECTATOR.  Blood enzyme found to cut the severity of allergies.

2008 Nov      PARENT CENTRAL.  Death hides in a snack bowl.

2008 Jan      MEDPAGETODAY.  Anaphylaxis Study Offers Clues to Better Diagnosis and Treatment

2008 Jan      WebMD.COM.  Risky allergic reaction: chemical clues.

2007                 ALLERGIC LIVING. Interview with Claire Gagne. The Stingers: Risks, reactions and protecting yourself from wasp or bee.

2007                 ALLERGIC LIVING. Interview with Janet French. Doubled Trouble: Coping with multiple allergies.

2005 Apr CTV News Staff Interview. People more sensitive to allergy triggers: study. Response to Malcolm Law study published in British Medical Journal.

2004 Sep          OTTAWA CITIZEN. Interview with Ian Macleod. Bill 3 and protection of children with life-threatening allergies.

2004 Aug          TORONTO STAR. Interview with Helen Henderson. New advances and research in life-threatening allergies.

2004 Feb          NATIONAL POST. Interview with Moira MacDonald. Development of genetically modified foods as a treatment for food allergy.

2004 Jan          TORONTO STAR. Interview with Karen Palmer. Peanut and other food allergies and research on activated charcoal.

2002 Oct          CBC THE NATIONAL. Interview with Maureen Taylor. The reason for the increased prevalence of allergies, the hygiene hypothesis, and the role of endotoxin in modulating allergies.

2002 Oct          THE BOSTON GLOBE. Interview with Carey Goldberg. New therapeutic approaches to the treatment of food allergies.

2002 Feb          READER�S DIGEST. Breast milk can carry peanut protein. Story by Terry Murray, The Medical Post, reprinted in Reader�s Digest.

2001 Dec          QR77 EDMONTON. Interview with Dave Arnold. Development of a new monoclonal anti-IgE vaccine for peanut anaphylaxis.

2001 Nov          FACE-TO-FACE The Global Chapter. Study Panel: Asthma.

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2001 Feb          CBC: National News. Remission of Peanut Allergies.

2001 Feb          CTV. The Chat Room  Allergies and Anaphylaxis.

2001 Jan          THE NATIONAL POST. A tempest in a taco shell. (Contributor to article by Michael Fumento).

2000 Oct          CBC RADIO: Metro Morning. Interview (with Andy Barry) Undeclared peanut protein in imported chocolate bars.

2000 Oct          GLOBAL NEWS. Interview (with Steve Kassar) Undeclared peanut protein in imported chocolate bars.

2000 Oct          THE CHRONICLE OF SKIN & ALLERGY. Peanut protein May Be Passed Through Breast Milk: Landmark Canadian study finds mothers milk possible source of peanut allergy in children. (Contributor to article by Suzi Martin-Cusimano).

2000 Oct          THE TORONTO STAR. Chocolate bars pulled from stores. (Contributor to article by Tanya Talaga, Toronto Star Medical Reporter).

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2000 Sep          CBC RADIO: Metro Morning. Interview (with Andy Barry) Peanut allergy in schools. With Kim Curran, MediaWorks.

2000 Sep          THE CHRONICLE OF SKIN & ALLERGY. Optimal Prevention and Management of Anaphylaxis: Antihistamine no substitute for epinephrine in the first-line treatment of anaphylaxis. (Suzi Martin-Cusimano. A review of Allergy 2000 Update). Presenter.

2000 Jun          ONTARIO MEDICAL REVIEW. Cited in: Allergy Update Symposium: Immunotherapy, anaphylaxis, and contact dermatitis among topics addressed. Pages 31 - 35.

1998 May 9       GLOBAL TELEVISION. Program on seasonal and life-threatening allergies with comments from Dr. Vadas.

1996 Jun          CHATELAINE. Eat, drink and be wary, feature story on food allergies with comments from Drs. Peter Vadas and Gord Sussman. June 1996 edition.

1996 May 14     DISCOVERY CHANNEL. Feature story on immunologist Dr. Peter Vadas and allergy season.

1996 Apr 3        CJAD RADIO - MONTREAL. Melanie King interviews Dr. Vadas on peanut allergies.

1996 Mar 25      CFRB RADIO/�THE WORLD AT NOON. Deborah Hearst interviews Dr. Peter Vadas on peanut allergies.

1996 Mar          CHATELAINE: March 1996 edition (tba). Nora Underwood, Dr. Peter Vadas interviewed on new treatments for anaphylaxis.

1996 Jan 2        CKNW RADIO - VANCOUVER. Dr. Peter Vadas interviewed on anaphylaxis (live by John McComb).

1995 Dec 18     CFRB RADIO. Dr. Peter Vadas interviewed on increase in anaphylaxis during the holidays.

1995 Dec 17     MING PAO, Chinese Community Newspaper. Elison Chu, Risk of severe food allergies increases during holiday season.

1995 Dec 20     THE SAULT STAR. Food allergies a concern at Christmas.

1995 Dec 18     TORONTO STAR. Leslie Papp, Yule foods can be peril for allergies, MD�s warn�.

1995 Aug 9       CKNW VANCOUVER - RADIO. Rose Mair interviews Dr. Vadas on the Anaphylaxis Clinic.

1994 Aug 11     CITY TV, City Pulse News at 6. Judy Haladay interviews Dr. Peter Vadas on the effects of hayfever. 2 Min.

1994 Aug 13     THE TORONTO STAR, New in Medicine (Life). Marilyn Dunlop writes about the opening of the Anaphylaxis Clinic. Page K2.

1994 Jul 28       680 NEWS - RADIO. Carolyn Heldman interviews Dr. Vadas.

1994 Jul 1         CFRB AM - RADIO, The World Today. Debra Hoerst interviews Dr. Peter Vadas on the Wellesley Hospital�s Regional Anaphylaxis Clinic. Speaker.

1994 Jul 28       CHUM FM - RADIO. Toronto. Dan Turner interviews Dr. Vadas about the Anaphylaxis Clinic.

1994 Jul 25       CISS FM 92.5 - RADIO, Health Files. Tim Abray interviews Dr. Vadas on the Anaphylaxis Clinic.

1994 Jul 28       GLOBAL NEWS AT NOON. Loretta Sullivan interviews Dr. Peter Vadas live on-the-air about the Anaphylaxis Clinic at The Wellesley Hospital.

1994 Jul 25       LIGHT 97.3 - RADIO. Mark Henderson interviews Dr. Peter Vadas on the Anaphylaxis Clinic.

1994 Jul           ONTARIO MEDICAL REVIEW. Wellesley Hospital opens Regional Anaphylaxis Clinic. Page 69.

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